LE BEANOCK is a fab and groovy mix of the classic beanbag and hammock. Wonderful to soothe away stress and relax like never before.

It’s a fantastic serendipity creation of designer Tracie Herrtage who heads up her company LE BEANOCK.COM, established in 2005.

From fashion model to expert sail maker, to qualified welder, Tracie’s career in design has embraced style, fun and functionality.

A lifelong interest in interior design and furniture has given birth to many innovative ideas culminating in Tracie’s unique achievement – LE BEANOCK.

LE BEANOCK has also been featured on television programmes such as Dragon’s Den and Kevin McLeod’s Grand Designs, plus it has previously been a hit at The Ideal Home Exhibition.

In Tracie’s own words, “The beauty of LE BEANOCK is its simplicity. It’s a real WOW FACTOR piece of kit to have in your home, or your outdoor space. It’s cool and extremely comfortable.

Not only is LE BEANOCK suitable for all the family, it is also fantastic for those with SPECIAL NEEDS.

LE BEANOCK is almost womb-like, as its soft, secure and has no hard edges.”

Perfect for cradling all ‘HUMAN BEANS’ …